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The PSP 3000 was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008.

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Orange Charge Light Stays On (Dimly)

Orange Charge Light Stays On (Dimly) on my PSP 3000.

I have tried two batteries, one at full charge one at almost no charge. Same result.

Otherwise it seems to run fine.

Is this a problem? Any way to solve it?

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I tried a new power board, but the problem persisted. So what was it in the end? A loose connection, it seems, between the pad(?), the grey thing that runs from the motherboard , under the XO☐△ buttons and into the powerboard and the motherboard. When I pressed down on that cable close to the motherboard the charge light would go off. I disconnected it and reconnected it, and the problem went away. Thanks to all who read and thought about this question.

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Does it glow bright when charging? If yes then probably a short/leak but not a bad one. Should be OK, though.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes it does, glows bright when charging and does not turn on when in standby mode. Would this be the power switch board or motherboard do you think?


This kind of small current leak would probably happen near the power switch, although it could happen somewhere in the motherboard too but it's unlikely.


Thanks again. Just one last thing, the same problem happens when I plug in the AC adapter without a battery! Orange light on dim, fickering a bit. Does this change your opinion? If not, I will try changing the power board before giving up. (^^)


I would still stick with the current leak answer, although you can try changing the power board to test it out.


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