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Strong, small, and stable, the Hubsan X4 107L is an excellent quadcopter for anyone learning to fly RC aircraft.

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Is it safe to ultrasonic barometer

Hi , i have a hubsan H107D+ , which is flying erratically , i taken it apart and it looks like the previous owner had tried to oil the motors or something !! , there are 2 boards, a PCBA receiver board and a 5.8 GHZ TX camera module which seem to be covered in a fine oil !! infact theres oil all over it inside .

I would like to put the boards through my ultrasonic cleaner but the PCBA board has a barometer on it (see photo)

Block Image

Barometer Chip

Is it a big no no to run a barometer through a cleaner ?

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Well yes & no!

The chip when it was made had a cover over the vent hole so during the board construction debris or cleaning liquids won’t enter. But, now the cover has been removed so you can’t clean the board unless you reseal the hole and don’t use a cleaner which pulls the cover off (or leaks)

Their maybe other parts on the logic board that may need covering or removing.

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