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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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Black screen although iTunes & sound work: What could be the issue?


I would need some expertise on an iPad Air 2 (A1567) which a student gave me for repair. The issue is this:

The iPad suddenly switched off. Since then, there is a black screen (also no back light).

When I connect the iPad to iTunes via my MacBook Pro, I hear a brief sound coming out of the iPad speaker (screen remains totally black). So, this connection seems to work. The iPad is also recognized in iTunes: I get a window in iTunes on my MBP that asks me to follow the instructions on the screen of the iPad. So, it wants to synchronize, but due to the black screen of the iPad, this is not possible (to at least safe the data).

Here is another observation: When I plug in the iPad via the charger and the charging cable (both are original Apple products) to the wall socket, I hear the sound again but the screen remains blank.

I am not sure if, at this point, the batteries are (already) fully charged. The back of the iPad today remains "cold" when charging. When I received the iPad and charged it on the first day, the back of the iPad got a bit warm, so I suppose the batteries were charged at that time.

Additional issues: (1) The earphone plug (top left) does not work any more. (2) The on/off switch (top right) does not work any more. It seems to got stuck, that is, I don't hear or feel a "click".

Here is what I think the problems could be: (1) Connector of the display got disconnected, although the student told me that the iPad did not fall. (2) Battery/energy draining issue, due to the malfunction of the on/off switch. (3) Charging unit is defective, although the student seem to be sure that it was kind of charged before it finally turned off.

I would be grateful for any help.


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I would still be grateful for any help you can offer.


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Did you confirm the "no image" by shining a bright flashlight on the screen after plugging it in? If there is a dim image, then it is only a backlight issue.

However, if you have no image/no backlight, the first thing to try is a replacement screen. Unfortunately these are very expensive right now but you have to eliminate that variable. If the replacement screen doesn't change anything, then you likely have a logic board issue.

As for the headphone and power button, that should be a secondary issue for now although I suspect there will be more than meets the eye when you open the device.

You will need to open up the device and take a look.

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