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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Hard drive not working, making clicking sound.

My Hard drive stopped working. It is making some clicking sound. It is getting power and header is also not stuck.

I have attached a video.

Please have a look and suggest if anything can be done to fix it.

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You can't do much now. You've opened the drive, so dust and other particles are now on the platter and will cause further damage to your data. Employees manufacturing hard drives wear equivalents to space suits in a hard drive factory in clean rooms to prevent any particle contamination in the drives.

The original clicking was due to difficulty reading the platters. Now it would have been possible to recover the data because it was minor errors and remap around the errors. The damage caused by dust and other particles is much larger, and when it catches under the head while the drive spins, it will scrape more data off the drive.

You will now need an expensive technician to forensically recover your data, or call your drive a total loss.

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I was seconds away from opening my own hard drive under the same circumstances and there is a LOT of work and important stuff on there. Thank you immensely for your answer. - Danielle x


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You actually removed the enclosure to the drive!? Your Hard Drive most likely has a physical issue and the data needs to be recovered.

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Yeah I removed the enclosure to check if the head is stuck or not.

So it means it cannot be fixed?


At this point it can only be fixed by a technician. Your only suppost to remove the enclosure in a clean room. I’d call your nearest data recovery center


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