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Die fünfte, auf Android basierende Generation der Galaxy Smartphones von Samsung ist seit dem 11. April 2014 auf dem Markt. Zu den Verbesserungen gehören der Fingerabdruckscanner, eine erneuerte Kamera, ein größeres Display und Wasserresistenz. Es ist in vier verschiedenen Farben verfügbar: Schwarz, blau, weiß und kupfer.

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Retrieving data from Samsung Galaxy S5 with broken screen.

I have had my Samsung Galaxy S5 for quite some time. After an upsetting phone call I threw it in an angry rage, it cracked the corner of my lifeproof case, left small cracks in the screen of my phone and disabled it. I am able to turn the phone on, and occasionally get a clicking noise from the speakers. While part of me would really like to continue using this phone, my number 1 priority is retrieving the data from it. I do have this phone encrypted and running LineageOS, so that may make things a little more difficult.


How do I tell if there is damage done to more than just the screen that would make getting the data off of this phone difficult or impossible

My phone is detected as a device by my windows machine, but it recognizes it as a modem. And as stated previously, the phone does turn on, it just has a blank screen and occasionally makes a clicking noise from the speakers.

Is there a way for me to get the data off of an encrypted phone with a broken screen without replacing the screen?

I am still considering replacing the screen, but given the time and money it may just be time to replace this phone. I've worked hard to keep it running for almost 4 years, and as much as I hate throwaway culture, the time and money invested into replacing a screen may not be worth my effort. Getting data off without replacing the screen would be nice.

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Download smart switch on your computer and see if that will let you backup your photos. The problem is if it is set to modem mode, and you can touch the screen, there may be no way to change it to file mode.

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Screen should be pretty cheap by now, I've replaced mine in a ipod, grampas iphone, my Nexus 5. I'm not advanced in any way, not really technical just curious.

Watch a guide and see if you feel comfortable with it. Always be aware of any potential dangers working on electronics.

Hopefully your SD card has everything on it too perhaps?


@sceprent The galaxy S5 screens are around $46 on ebay. This not too easily replaced. The secondary risk on Galaxy phones is the water resistant seal that is around the display. Once you open the phone and replace the display, this is pretty much no longer a water resistant phone.


Oh yeah that's true, I'd forgotten about that. Also that's kind of pricey considering I got my S7 edge for $199. So there is that.


Replacing the displays on these models is a true pain in the ass and none of the times I tried, I was able to allign them or make them stick into the mold properly. Horribly cheap design - never ever will I buy Samsung phones again.


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