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The Sony Xperia E3 is a slim, lightweight 4G smartphone, released in September 2014.

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Phone can't switch on ( Start Up) ...It stays frozen at Sony Experia

My phone won't switch on... I have to hold in power and and the up volume button for it to vibrate and go to the Sony Experia stage of starting up..then it will just freeze at that point. If i plug in my usb cord it might show a red light...but the mass storage/driver wont show..laptop won't recognise it...I tried using sony companion but it still won't recognise the phone.... What do I do??? Anybody please?

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If your phone cant start up and freezes....How do you know when its charging? Cause I know you can do nothing until its atleast 80% charged...


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try to get it flashed works most of the time or reset it if you dont mined lossing your information.

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How do I reset it? I tried flashing it but my phone wont respond at that last stage where I hold the DOWN volume buttton... I've tried Sony Companion and it too still gives me trouble..


How do I reset if my phone can't start up in the first place...??


take it to a professional i cant tell you much from here but ill definitely see what i can find


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