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I think I've just had my first iPhone 8 Touch IC Job

I've had what appears to be my first iPhone 8 Touch IC Job.

I've sent it off to be looked at.

Has anyone else seen a touch IC issue on an iPhone 8?

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Touch IC? The touch IC is integrated in the screens starting from the 6s and newer.

Are you sure it isn't a screen issue? You need to restore the phone with an original screen (if it came in with an aftermarket one) before thinking it's something like touch IC which it technically can't be since it's part of the screen.

You will need to have the phone backed up first before restoring.

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Ok, well that's that lol

Since we're here, any suggestions?

iPhone 8, display with no touch. Have tested with multiple original refurbs.

Sorry did you say restore the phone? Why?


Any suggestions on how to backup the phone when there's a pin?


Because in the past there was an iOS update that blocked the use of aftermarket screens with copy display chip (that needed to be reprogrammed in order to work on that update).

From what I heard you need to restore the phone while using an original / refurb works too screen then you can use either aftermarket or original on it.

Well, to backup a phone with a pin I don't know a way around it when the touch screen does not work.



Restored the phone with a good screen. Still no touch. What's next?

Could there be a capacitor/filter that's responsible for this?


I've heard of this being caused by liquid damage but I don't have much more info on this. Maybe @refectio has some experience with board level repairs for iPhone 8.


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