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The Officejet is HP's line of office inkjet printers.

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How do I remove the front panel on the HP OfficeJet 7500A printer?

My printer is not picking up paper. I have cleaned the rollers and manged to remove the left side panel. However it does not recognize the fact that there is good quality (not curled, not wrinkled, etc.) paper in the printer. It has been making ratcheting noises for several months, has finally stopped lifting up paper all together, although it sounds as though the rollers are still working. I have the left side panel removed but can't find the clips that secure the front panel. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you! ANSWER: I've not received an answer on removing the panel, but I have confirmation the gears are broken & replacements are not available. Hence this scanner/printer is heading for the scrap heap.

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The gears are stripped and can't be replaced, so there's no longer a need to open the cabinet. Thanks for your help.

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Friend of mine had the same problem:

Turns out, that using super glue, a cannula and a small clamp, you can actually repair the broken gear.

I used a small usb camera to look inside, this is what the gear looks like:

Block Image

It is supposed to be fixed on the metal rod in the position with the small indentions.

When it breaks, it can slide sideways on the rod and will of course not rotate along with the rod.

For this particular model, it is possible to fix it without even opening the case:

You have to turn the printer on it’s back so that you have good access to the bottom. If you pull out (or “up” given the printers position") the papertray and fix it with some gaffer tape, you get access to a small rectangular opening on the bottom.

From here you can see the gears. I used super glue and a cannula (mounted onto the super glue with a little more gaffer tape) to first secure the gear in it’s place. After that, I used a small (surgical) clamp to press the plastic onto the metal rod.

Block Image

Block Image

After about 30 minutes, glue was dry. Printer works a treat ever since.

hardcore version of this solution I found on the web involves an angle grinder (!) to get access, however, it can be done uninvasively… { https://youtu.be/stXL3eXmjmQ }

Hope that helps anyone….

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