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Kam im Juni 2012 auf den Markt / Intel Quad-Core i7 Prozessor mit Turbo Boost / bis zu 1GB DDR 5 Video RAM

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Mac boots to folder with question mark. Disk utilty does not see disk.

Mac will not load. Disk utilty no longer sees the disk.

However, when I load a windows installer usb flash drive on the Mac. Windows installer can read the drive using the Mac?

I was thinking it has to be a cable issue. This makes no sense.

Drive works perfectly plugged into another Mac.

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Could be your HDD cable, try an other cable and see if it works

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Ordering a new cable now. Drive does work in another macpro. I just didn't understand why windows installer could see it and even format it if something was wrong with the cable. I guess windows usb installer bypassed mac post and that one pin is messed up on the cable. Idk.


Yes, your HD drive cable is bad! This is a common issue.

Before installing place some electricians tape on the uppercase where it crosses over as the rough surface the aluminum tends to damage the cable also don't over bend the cable as the thin wire traces can get damaged.


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