I don't know how to fix a hardware problem on my new 3DS

I bought a broken black friday (99$) edition new 3ds that has a blue light that stays on and it can charge normally. I found out that on the back of the motherboard there is an odd bendable aluminum belt that's twisted. I looked at pictures online and found no information on what it is but it appears it needs to be straightened and flattened out (with adhesive tape in my case). I also replaced the bottom screen and my replacement broke, so before I buy a new one should I sell the 3DS or do you think it will work?

Unfortunately I have another problem with another unit, a new 3DS XL. Before I buy a new top screen (ribbon cables are worn out from use part of the reason it shut down moving the hinge but it did turn on for a few seconds). I also broke the ribbon cables which you don't open but slide into, I tried to pry them open. What ways could I fix it? Yes, i'm embarrassed by my clumsy mistakes.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this makes sense.

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