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The Aquos LC-13B2UA is a LCD Television created by Sharp. The Sharp Aquos LC-13B2UA measures 13x3 inches.

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Why do I have a red line on my tv picture

why do i have a red vertical line on my tv picture

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This is a very common problem in CRT TV screen when turned on.

The problem cause due to:

1 . Loose contact between yoke and main board.

2. Defective yoke with burned coil.

3. Defective capacitor.

4. Failure of an internal circuit

5. Faulty soldered-in fuses and resistors

A professional repair shop or your TV manufacturer can replace or repair the PDP inside your TV. Check your purchase date and any warranties that you purchased with your device. If you purchased your TV within the return window, you can return or exchange the TV. If your TV fails during the warranty window, you can receive free or discounted repair work and replacement parts through the TV manufacturer.

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Can you repair my tv aquos lc 375x


@wilsonoca May I know what's the issue with your TV? Thank you!


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