Suddenly Black Screen on Bootup

Acer laptop aspire 3050 not used for a couple years. Windows 7.Tuned on, lit up. I decided to remove HP software as I no longer have the printer. Did this through Control Panel/ programs. Slowly doing its job watching the lines fill in. Suddenly screen goes dark and power light goes off. SO... restarted and got the screen with two choices Restart windows normally, or restart Windows with repair. Sometimes I can not choose as screen goes dark before I can choose one of these options. Then screen shuts down and laptop powers off. Any ideas out there?

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Is the charger attached and switched on when this happens?

Is the laptop's air vent unobstructed and can you feel the fan's exhaust OK at the vent?


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Did you notice when the laptop was running could you hear the fan running . Often when a computer sits for long time if the fan was dirty it seizes up causing a thermal issue and the laptop shuts down.let the laptop cool down and restart it then listen for the fan . If you get no fan sounds try blowing air through the air ducts to get the fan to move then try starting it again once again listening for the fan . You may need to take the fan out and replace it if it doesn t work . Hope this helps

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Fan operating fine. unable to use boot disk to reset F2 cuts out before starting


try removing one stick of ram and booting from one at a time as a dimm may have failed


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