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I got an electric 1999 club car and I got no power going up hills and

I got an electric 1999 club car and I got no power going up hills and if I let it seat for awhile the battery light flashes

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I had a 2002 Ez-Go for about 10 years. With relatively light usage, I only replaced the batteries once in that period. When the charge doesn't last long enough for you, it's time to get a new set of batteries. They generally must be replaced as a set, since unequal batteries will result in some being overcharged and some being undercharged. I bought mine from a local golf cart dealer.

More details!

(1) I was able to find free downloads of the Owners, Service, and Parts manuals. The service manual has a section on battery maintenance that is well worth reading.

(2) Check the level of the battery electrolyte periodically, fill with distilled water to about 1/4" below the vent ring. The level should never be low enough to expose the plates. I used a length of 1/4" PVC tubing to make a siphon from a gallon jug of distilled water, that made it much easier to fill correctly.

(3) The dealer suggested truck bed spray-on liner (from local auto parts store) as a coating for the metal parts supporting the batteries (first neutralize acid with baking soda and water). That worked well to reduce rust and corrosion.

(4) The charger uses a ferro-resonant transformer to regulate the charge voltage. The electrolytic capacitor connected to the transformer gets old and eventually fails (open circuit). I found a can-style film capacitor of the same value online (DigiKey or Mouser), it took a little trouble to rework the mounting clamp, but it should last forever.

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@jammer65 sounds like you are having trouble with the batteries. You want to go ahead and check all of yours. It is not enough to check the voltage but you need to test them with a load to see if they deliver the needed voltage. Just one bad battery can cause those symptoms. Let us know what you find.

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