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Das Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 verfügt über ein 5,5 Zoll, 1080 x 1920 Display angetrieben von einem 1,5 GHz Prozessor.

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Dark spot on all my pictures; damaged camera sensor?

.A dark spot developed on my Idol3 camera's viewer and is captured in subsequent photographs. The lens was cleaned thoroughly without any change. The spot can be bypassed by zooming in, so I suspect a damaged area on the sensor. No known drops or impacts related to the development of this issue. If it is the sensor, can it be repair/replaced at a cost that is worthwhile for a two-year old unit?

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Hi Bradley,

To me it does sound like you have a damaged spot on the sensor. Zooming in on a phone camera is typically just a digital zoom since the camera itself does not have the mechanisms to move the lens in and out, this would be why it disappears when you zoom because it is essentially cropping out that spot.

On my old LG G4, it was just a case of removing the back of the phone, and undoing the screws that help the camera assembly in place. I am not sure if that is the same process on your particular device. That was just the case for me.

Best of Luck,


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