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The Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR was released in September 2016 by Lenovo.

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Some of the keys on the keyboard are not working

None of the numbers are working. The FN is not working, neither the Shift key or the Caps Lock. Is this a software issue or a Hardware issue?

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My problem was a software which runs on the background which was filtering keys presses as shortcut inputs.

Try to close all the apps and confirm if the keys works or not.

Steam was the cause for me.


No this does not fix the problem.


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Hi there Ferarnguiz

The problem is hardware issue because the keyboard is malfunctioning to age and usage of the device but there is a possibility that the keyboard settings are different so go to control panel and search keyboard and then click advanced and click at the bottom reset to factory settings . If this does not work consider replacing the keyboard or laptop

If you need more support please email me johnsitservice@outlook.com

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Function keys are not working like brightness,volume etc; after restarting my PC

My Laptop is Lenovo ideapad 330S


The Issue is the Hardware


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