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SwagTron T1 Hands Free Smart Board, also known as a Hoverboard or Self-balancing Scooter. Released in June of 2016. Identified by model number 88570-2T1 Black.

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Need Help Finding Replacement Parts

I need to replace the gyroscpope on my Swagtron T1 but cannot find anywhere to buy the replacement part. Can someone please help me out and steer me in the right direction?

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where can I purchased GPU parts for a late 2008 A1268 15" matchbook pro? I have a Late 2008 & early 2009 15" MacBook Pro, A 1268, with 2.53 Ghz. I need for example replacement of: AMD GPU, GPU Core power rail, GPU power rail, Flash video RAM, GPU clock chip, GPU mix chip & LVDS screen connector. In order for me to overhaul my Logic Board, because it was running hot and consequently everything got black. I live in Australia, please tell me a place in Australia where I can purchase all those parts.


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I think should contact swagtron's official site. they may help you..

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Apparently they do not sell that part. They require you to mail in your hoverboard so their techs can repair. Any other options?


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