Data recovery on broken Apple Watch Series 1 (38mm)

Bit of a strange situation. I have an Apple watch series 1, with a damaged rear housing so the magnetic charger does not charge the device up. I need to know if the iBus tool charges the device through the diagnostic port or if it only offers data throughput.

Additional info: The watch is a data recovery situation. The watch was damaged prior to the client deleting all the texts on her phone. The watch has been in an off state before texts were deleted.

My goal: is to get it up an running, put it into airplane mode so it doesn't accidentally sync over wifi (etc.) and delete the messages she needs. Hopefully then we can manually screen shot the data.

Any one have an iBus that they can chime in on this? Again just need to know if it charges the watch through the diag port, that's all I really need.

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Did you try contacting the maker? Support Forum I would do that.


I have an iBus on order from another repair shop that had used for restoration of Apple watch "demo" units, since they're sold and locked in demo mode (which means they're expensive paperweights after new watches come out).

I'll let everyone know how the recovery attempt goes once the iBus cable arrives.



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