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Solder lightning connector car charger

is it possible to weld the lightning connector of the following charger for iphone 5?

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @piero90

WARNING, please do not directly solder and use it.

Cigarette adapter in cars output mostly is 12V


USB uses 5V.... direct 12V can kill your devices

If you see the USB 2.0 wire layout.... there are four cables vcc, d-, d+, gnd


I would suggest you to get a cigarette adapter to USB charger as it has been converted to 5V and USB standards. You only need to get MFI certified lightning cables to charge your apple devices.


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is it possible to reconnect the cable to the lightning connector that has come off?

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Hi @piero90

Give you an idea what is inside,


but as commented earlier, do not connect or solder it directly to use in direct to the cigarette adapter.


How can I fix it?




Get this and put in your car, get a new USB lighting cable.


So I can’t repair it.


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