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Six months old laptop and hard drive's already DEAD. What to do?

So I've bought a laptop from Acer this year in the USA. I was traveling and decided to pick the Spin 3 (aka SP315-51-79NT). It's a very solid device, needless to say. A Skylake Core i7 + 12GB RAM for almost $700 was perfect for me at the time. What made me skeptical about it was the 5400 RPM hard drive, as hard drives are a common point of failure. I'd think about replacing my hard drive in like 3 years from now, or even more.

I was feeling my computer a bit slower this week. Initially, I thought that Windows 10 was the culprit, as I recently upgraded to the April 2018 build (forced update). This Wednesday, I booted my computer as normal and the computer started to crash. Windows Explorer crashed with everything else. Rebooted as normal and got hit by a blue screen during the boot sequence. Rebooted again, undetectable hard drive. Eventually returned to normal.

But now it just crashes and shows a blue screen with the error CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. At this point, with everything that's going on, it's clear that the hard drive is indeed failing and you don't even need CrystalDiskInfo to confirm this. I'm trying to back up my data as fast as I can before the hard drive stops working eventually. I have some situations right now, and I'll list them below:

1) I live in Brazil, which has a ITW Service Center. Long story short: it basically allows you to RMA your device, even if the device was bought overseas. Problem: I'm not a traveler (yeah, this is considered in Acer's warranty term), as I'm resident. However, a hard drive failure is unpredictable, especially when the device is SIX MONTHS OLD. I eventually decided to run CrystalDiskInfo in order to know the extension of the problem. It reports my HDD as Caution. In 6 months...

2) This Spin 3 has a M.2 slot. However, according to some researches I've made, it only supports SATA M.2 drives. AFAIK, Acer laptops does have some heavy issues with some peripherals. My old Aspire E1 died (yeah) after plugging a caddy. So I'd like to know if anyone tried a M.2 SSD on it.

What I can do right now:

1) Teardown the laptop with my luck and install a SATA SSD or another HDD;

2) Teardown the laptop with my luck and with even more luck install a M.2 SSD;

3) Try to RMA the computer to Acer with the first situation above.

At this point, what should I do? Should I just teardown this thing and replace it myself or should I at least try to talk with Acer?

Thanks in advance.

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If you're having trouble recovering your data you could try Spinrite. OK, it's $89, but money back if it does you no good. And working at a much lower level than CrystalDiskInfo, it'll give you a better idea of the problem.

ddrescue (described at https://therestartproject.org/wiki/Advan...) is another useful tool.

But whether you RMA it or fix it yourself is entirely up to you. Replacing a hard drive (with another or with an SSD) is usually pretty simple and not much to go wrong in proper laptops, though less so in the newer convertibles and the like with non user-replaceable batteries. Press hard on the screws to prevent damaging the heads, then if you don't succeed (or even maybe make it worse) then hopefully you will still have the RMA option, so long as you didn't damage any warranty void labels.

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