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Will this capacitor work solving Kernel Panic

Hi guys!

I'm looking for an aluminum capacitor to replace C9560 on a 820-2850-a motherboard and looking on internet, I foun this:


Will this work?

And another question, when looking for an smd component, are the specs on the schematics all I need when shopping for components? For example, if I'm looking for a capacitor and the schematics indicates voltage, % and capacitance, am I completely safe if using a capacitor that matches this specs only?

Have a great day! :)

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@andresteare your capacitor is a 330 UF 2.0V 20% Poly-Tant capacitor in a B2 package. Yes the one in your link should work given that the physical dimension fit. “are the specs on the schematics all I need when shopping for components “ Yes for most of it you are okay with going by the values. Check on here for what the different types of capacitors do and where they are used etc.

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