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Proximity sensor not working after screen replacement


I had faced to this issue before.

In screen replacement , always I used front camera and sensors and home button from the old display.

Although everything work properly on old display, after replacement in most of the times proximity sensor is not working.

I'm experienced in iPhone repair,I put everything in right place and I try to don't touch FCAM and sensors as possible but this issue happen again.

I don't want to order full display replacement pre-assembled one.

Last night I faced to this problem again on repairing iPhone SE, (proximity sensor didn't work after screen replacement),I re-opened and re-assembled everything (FCAM-Ambient light sensor-proximity sensor-Receiver) but the problem has remained.

I also checked proximity sensor functionality with covering by finger while calling,It was not working anymore :(

Do you have any same experience or suggestion?


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i too have the same problem with my screen replacement, i can see the red light from the proximity sensor in dark room, but noting happens while in call or placing my hand over the area, so i guess the contacts , flex cable are all right, but the sensor is not functioning, i also scrubbed of the paint of the eye shaped area of the sensor contact area, have the plastic bracket holder too in place, applied black marker as suggested out in ifixit, still no luck, has anyone succeeded so far


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Here are some of the possible issues/fixes if the proximity sensor doesn't work:

1. You may have nicked the sensor's flex cable, especially in its 90 degree area which tears fairly easily.

2. The small black sensor may have cracked slightly off the flex (still attached but not making good contact).

For the above two cases, you must replace the camera/sensor flex cable with a new one

3. The sensor is slightly off center in the screen window (happens often with cheap aftermarket screens). This can only be fixed with a new screen assembly or a new screen and hoping your sensor will align in the window's center. Also don't be a cheapskate, buy higher quality parts and you'll make the cost back by spending less time being frustrated. ;)

4. The main board has a damaged sensor connector header which cannot be fixed easily, unless you desolder the old one and replace with a new one, or replace the main board.

5. The main board is defective due to crack or liquid damage, both cases are hard to fix and not worth the time and effort, just replace it.

Hope that helps :)

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Do you replace the plastic square holder for sensor onto new screen?

Peel back the plastic film when testing proximity?

Maybe the replacement screens are of poor quality and not letting light to the sensor or damaging sensor on removal.

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Thanks for your attention

1.yes I replace that plastic square onto new screen

2.As I mentioned , I test functionality of proximity sensor with covering by my finger while calling and it was not reacted so it means that the problem is not because of screen quality or location of sensors on screen.

The only possibility is damaging sensors while exchange.

I think this replacement must be done very very gently without touch of FCAM or sensors


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Thanks for the post. It saved my day.

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