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Do I risk changing the battery, or do I just buy a new laptop?

I've had my Macbook Pro for about 3 years now, and I had an unfortunate water spill a couple of months ago. After that, my battery started to drain very quickly and I got the "service battery" notification, but the laptop was still working well enough that I didn't repair it. Recently, however, the battery stopped charging entirely and now my laptop is dead and can't charge. When I took it in for repair, they told me that both the battery and the logic board are damaged. The logic board itself is a $600 part, so if it turns out I have to replace it, I'm just going to buy a new laptop. Is it worth it for me to forgo the logic board repair and replace just the battery by myself for about $100, in hopes that the computer will last a little longer? Or after 3 years is it time for me to throw in the towel, not waste my money on a futile repair, and get a new computer?

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Best thing you can do is open up the bottom and disconnect the battery from the logic board. The Mac would be working flawlessly even without battery if your logic board has not been damaged and it's just a battery issue. That will give you the necessary answer whether to invest in a new battery or else.

Consider also that there are professionals specialized in component level repairs who would be able to fix the logic board without the need of a full replacement.

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That's really up to you, to be honest.

There are many things to consider.

Was the laptop still running fine before? Do you need an upgrade? Are you certain that the issues were caused by the water damage? How confident are you in repairing the battery?

No one really knows if it's worth it or not, except you.

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The laptop was running fine before, and the fact that it boots up for several seconds before dying again at this point is making me think that even though the logic board is damaged, it can wait. I feel pretty good about repairing it, I took a look at the review guide and I think it's within my league. I guess my issue is that I really don't have any way of knowing the extent of damage to the logic board.


Well, I don't want to be giving out bad advice, but I'd just go ahead and mess with it.

Chances are it doesn't get any worse, so you might as well! You'll learn in the process, and best case scenario, you get your pc back and lose a few bucks.

Worst case scenario, you're down a few dollars, but you've gotten knowledge and experience, and you'll be glad you took matters into your own hands.

Please, I'd love to know what path you take and how it goes! Keep me posted.

Best of luck, friend!


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