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Why is my front door ajar light staying on, I have a 2013 Ford Edge

I have a 2013 Ford Edge n it tells me driver door ajar, even when it is shut tight. My over head lights will not go out because of this. Plz help

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There are two ways to deal with this . One way is expensive the other not so much

this is the cheap way


the other is to replace the door latch with sensor attached

Hope this helps

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BTW Ive replaced a few of these and they don't seem to last very long . This is why I included the video showing how to disable it


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2013 has a complete enclosed door latch you cant get ahold of the white piece in this video to break it. I've tried on my 2013. My rooms stay on now past the 5 minute timer. Ford wants 500 to fix and I ain't going that when is a faulty design by them and they wont recall it due to no safety risks or injuries.

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