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A1706 / EMC 3071 - herausgekommen im November 2016. Dieses 13" Macbook Pro führt die OLED Touch Bar ein. Es bietet einen Dual-Core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU und vier Thunderbolt 3 Ports.

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My touch bar not working, lighting and dark.

I'm living in country where the moderate temperature is about to 45 c/113 f. Today the temperature raised to over 49 c/120 f and trying to open my MacBook Pro to work on my graduation project. Suddenly it's pop out a message that your Mac needs to restart or something like this.

After a while I reopen my MacBook, there's no opening tone also the touch bar lights is off. But the power button and finger print are still work.

I used Google to resolve the problem, nothing was ever clear.

Please let me know if it software or hardware problem, and how to fix it.

Accept my regards

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You are running the system outside of what Apple designed & tested it to run within!

  • Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
  • Storage temperature: –13° to 113° F (–25° to 45° C)
  • Relative humidity: 0% to 90% noncondensing

So you could have damaged something from it overheating. I would strongly recommend trying to find a cooler place to use your system and make sure you don’t have any direct sunlight hitting the system as that could add 2 c/35 f more of heat. Hopefully the systems SMC realized it was too much for it and shut things down. Which sounds like what you encountered,

You might want to see if you can reset the Touch Bar’s APU here’s how: How to Reset the Touch Bar on Your MacBook Pro.

If that doesn’t fix things I think you’ll need to visit an Apple Store to let them fix this hopefully under warranty.

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Thanks in advance for your help,

I recently try the steps of restart the touch bar and nothing happen.

Also I want to clarify what exactly happened yesterday.

I remembered that I left my MacBook bag inside gloves box in my car for like 40 minutes ie there's no direct sunlight.

Also we don't have an official apple store.

We have subdealer, yesterday I called the store I've bought from, they told me that they can fix the issue but all the data will delete.

My question now, is that the only right solution or there are some other things I could do without losing my data.


Do you have access to another Mac? If you do you might be able to set yours into Target Disk Mode then running a USB or Thunderbolt cable between access your systems files from the other Mac How to Boot a Mac in Target Disk Mode


Update : after three days everything is returned To it's normal situation ie the touch bar screen back to its function and the screen worked perfectly.

I did nothing related to software ( restart or reboot) the only thing I did that I "Deliberately" working at temperatures within normal limits

I have also been refrained to put the MacBook in places where temperatures and humidity are high

I think this is the main reason behind the return of the Touch bar's work


Happy the system was able to recover! Din't forget to score the answer and accept it as answered - Thanks!


The same thing happened to me... I do a lot of wood work and I used it outside and it stopped working like literally 2 weeks after I got it.. Made a request to send it in to apple but it ended up workin on its own. Well its been about 8 months and it works perfect until today. I got a CNC machine and I Need my MacBook to run the software. I Took it outside under the carport for 2 hrs and all of a sudden no Touch Bar.. It really must be the humidity or something.


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