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Alcatel POP™ 4 PLUS is a multimedia device released in February 2016. Identified by model number 5156E

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The WiFi Says I'm Connected But Browser Says I'm Not

Hello! I have Alcatel Pop 4 + that has WiFi problems! It's able to connect and authenticate successfully. I'll have internet for 30 seconds and then Google Chrome will say that I'm no longer connected despite the fact that I am. All other devices on the same network are able to browse the internet without any problems so I suspect that the problem lies with my phone. Is there anything I can do including replacing parts or repairing it myself?

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Hi Eric,

Did you try to use another browser other than Chrome?

It could be that this is bug in the chrome software, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the browser from the Google Play Store.

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I apologize for the long wait for a reply but it appeared to have worked after I restarted my phone. Thank you so much @nixni!


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