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Apple Watch won't work after lcd replacement

I have a Apple Watch Series 2. The screen cracked so I bought a new lcd from fixez. I changed the screen but I can't get it to work. I think the watch powered up because I felt a vibration and my phone connected to it. I tried to update it but that did not work, so I deleted the watch from the iPhone and now it is completely dead.

Anyone have a idea what do to?

I tried disconnecting the screen and attaching it again, but still the same.

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Try putting on the old screen, then do a WatchOS update (and an iOS update on the iPhone) and after that reinstall the new display and see if if works. It is also possible you got a faulty display.

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Did the old LCD display? if so try that you may just have a faulty replacement screen, also triple check the connectors are in tact. Hope that helps

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Yes, the old one worked but it was cracked. I checked the connectors and they look fine. Anything else I can do?


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