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The Canon PowerShot G16 is a 12.1 Megapixel point and shoot camera made by Canon and released in 2013.

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Camera won't turn on after complete dismantling


After following Tyler Koski's excellent dismantling guide in order to replace a broken screen and clean a gritty lens (fell off the Kilimanjaro, literally) and reassembling the whole thing, I found that my camera no longer turns on (it worked before, albeit the LCD was broken and the images dirty). I tried :

  • Using the "Power On" and "View pictures" buttons (all buttons click correctly, but no results)
  • Checking if my battery is charged (it is)
  • Re-dissassembled it, checking for any damage to any component or connector (nothing visible)
  • Reassembled it, wiping each connector with a clean cloth and blowing compressed air in/on any connector and component as I went.

After all this, no result.

Does anyone have any suggestions ? I'm quite attached to it...

Thanks in advance,


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Right at the angle between the SD card and the red battery holder, there is a rectangular hole in the body of the camera. Inside of that hole, there is a tiny square metal part on the circuit board, which normally contains a plastic hook, a spring and a contact. When the battery door is closed, that hook is pressed in and makes contact. If the hook is missing (as it was for me) because it broke during disassembly (it is ridiculously fragile), then the camera won’t turn on since it thinks the battery door is open. Just find any conductive bit to force the contact (I found the original latch on my desk), then superglue it in place.


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After reading a suggestion on another thread, I checked the battery door latch detector and found that it was missing a minuscule part. Superglued the thing in its "closed" position and it works !

Of course, my new screen doesn't (dark and over saturated images, visual artifacts). Don't order Chinese, people.

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Dear Alexandre Berrou

I have the sale problem of not turning on after dismantling to substitute broken lens.

Could you take o photo or describe better this missing piece you mentioned I can’t see

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