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The Sony Vaio PCG-61411L is a consumer laptop by Sony, released in 2010.

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Screen won't turn on (black screen)

Okay, let's start with what happened...

I was normally using my laptop for watching my favorite shows, when I accidentally dropped a samsung phone charger (about 1 ft high up) on it around the spacebar, and the screen flashed gray and white. I forcefully unplugged the laptop, and of course, the blinking stopped. I turned it on afterwards, now the screen is just black, but everything else seems to work just fine.

I think that the problem has to do with me hitting the spot where the video/graphics card is situated, but I'm not sure because I am a noob when it comes to this stuff.

I hope that this won't lead to me fully changing my laptop and buying a new one, because I am financially troubled. But, given the circumstances, I probably will.

Thank you for anyone who will answer!

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Do you get a picture when you connect it to an external source, like a tv or secondary display?

You might have been lucky and just dislodged the display-ribbon.

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Update: I can conclude that David's hypothesis is right. My father got home and I asked for help. He opened the laptop, resocketed everything, and all went back to normal. He told me that a ribbon did get dislodged. I'm such a worrywart ^^;;


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