custom os warning on my screen and wont let me restart the phone

The warning is that essentially a custom OS can cause critical problems and then its asking me if I want to download a custom OS then it has volume up for continue volume down for canceling (restarting phone)and home button to cancel I have tried to press all the buttons and the only thing that seems to do anything is when I press the power button and the volume down button together at the same time to make the screen go black If anyone could help that would be amazing also there isn't any light flashing to show a notification or anything

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Based on what the symptoms it seems you were trying to Jailbreak your phone and in this case things went south. Sometimes this may happen and you could have bricked your phone. However, I think there are some videos or something I only remember vaguely.


it has gone to bar code mode now and will not let me turn it off


also no I didn't try to jail break my phone it decided to shut itself down because it was overheating even though it wasn't hot at all


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