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Damage to clear chair

There was a number written on bottom of clear acrylic chair I purchased. I tried to remove it first with glass cleaner. No luck. Then I used nail polish remover. It removed writing (looked like black sharpie) but left area foggy, no longer clear. How can I restore?

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Nail polish remover generally contains acetone or ethyl acetate both of which dissolve plastic. You could possibly buff it out but you are going to make a much larger area involved. IMHO further repair attempts are going to be futile. Live with it.

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The nail-polish could eat the plastic from the chair and tries to remove it now will make everything worst than it is now. If the problem is not seen without looking very good at the chair then it's ok man, don't try anything to do now because you could need a new gaming chair soon. The only method you can try is to take off the whole plastic that has this part and repaint it. You can search on YouTube how to paint plastic correctly and do the job be yourself home. But I don't know if it's worth it

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Lookup a technique called "chemical polishing". It uses a solvent of the material and a way of "rolling" the papertowel / rag so only fresh solvent is wiping the surface. I do it on car headlight lenses, but it took a fair amount of practice. I use a liquid acrylic glue, but straight acetone should work.


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