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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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Mac Pro wont power on, red LED?


First, sorry for the hiatus. I've been out of the business for a while. But I'm back!

Apple couldn't tell me anything. They offered me to pay a flat $500 fee, and they would replace anything that needed to be replaced untill it worked…

I ended up just selling it for parts…

So I have a Apple Mac Pro "Quad Core" 3.7 (Late 2013) that wont power on.

I do not know the history of the machine.

I plugged it in and got nothing, no beeps. no fan spinning, no response.

I do all the normal procedures, swapped ram, tried different SSD, reset SMC, tried different power cable and outlet. None of that worked.

I took the case off and found a bright red LED shinning.

Block Image

So I started searching the internet, thinking that there MUST be some information about this red LED.... NOTHING!!!

So I proceeded to take the whole thing apart, took it down to bare bones to make sure everything was connected properly and to see if I could find any corrosion from any liquid damage or such.

While I was at it I re applied thermal paste on both the CPU and GPU.

Nothing appeared to be out of place, no damage to the board, all connections were secure.

I put it back together, powered it on, and still nothing, just the red LED...


Please, if you have any idea what could be wrong, any suggestions, or any explanation about this red LED I would LOVE to hear it.

I'm totally baffled by this one...

Thanks in advanced,


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I tried different types of RAM, Low voltage RAM, and ECC RAM... No luck.

Based on someones suggestion I tried booting without one of the two graphics cards plugged in, no luck there.

I am at a loss.

Is thing just not gonna boot for me?


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Nothing happens when you plug it in. Does anything change when you press the power button? Do you have a way to check PS voltage? Have you replaced the CMOS battery?

I have no idea where you are but there is a shop near me (Manhattan) that does diagnostics and estimates gratis. They are iFix NY and they're near 77th & 2nd I think.

Also a shop on 10th Avenue (L2 Computer) used to do diagnostics and component level repairs to Apple computers.

One last thing: do you know when it was manufactured? Some Mac Pros manufactured in 2015 are covered by a repair program for the graphics card.


P.S. - On older Mac Pro's I use the table on the page below as a reference. Since there are still a row of LEDs on the board, it *might* help?


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Thanks Craig,

Yes, I plug it in, press the power button and get nothing. I've also long pressed and got no response as well.

I have not changed the CMOS battery, I totally overlooked that while tearing down the machine.

I will try that now.

I have a multi meter (that I barley know how to use, lol) so I will do some research and see if I can find how to read the voltage of the power supply.


It appears that this Mac was indeed produced during the time frame where they recalled the machines for graphic issues! (whats new, apple?) according to this article: https://9to5mac.com/2016/02/06/apple-mac...

I will take it to apple and see what they'll do for it. I fear that they wont work on it because I have soldered one of the buss bars to the power board because the screw stripped and broke... Hopefully they wont notice, or care.

I'll update post when I hear from them.



Did you find an answer to this? I'm mighty curious at this point...



Still haven't made it to the store. I'm trying to go this week.

Will update when I get the word from the "geniuses".


and what happened? :)


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Hi! Did you solve it? I have the same problem. Best regards Petter

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Same problem. Plz, help in a advice.


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