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In North America, the Middle East, and Africa, Nissan retailed the A32 and A33 series Cefiro sedans through the Infiniti brand as the Infiniti I30 and later as the Infiniti I35.

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Why can't I get power to my speakers

I have a 2000 infini i30

and just got a Kenwood kdc-230u and when I installed I couldn't get it to power on. Im using a Walmart universal adapter harness. Checked my connections and learned I had to ground the deck to behind the dash. It now turns on but it won't send power to my speakers at all. Can anyone help me

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The factory BOSE Sound system in the Infiniti needs the 12v Turn On signal from your stereo. It’s preferred to get a proper vehicle harness from Scosche or Metra which will have all of the correct wiring. Additionally, you will need a Speaker-Level to Line-Level convertor for the Amp(s) otherwise your audio will come out distorted.


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