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HP Officejet Pro 8620 is a multifunction printer for copy, scan and duplex. This device can be identified by its model number: SNPRC-1401-02

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Colours are printing with lines

Colours are printing with lines even after cleaning procedure as well warm water cleaning with syringe etc. Can you repair the head?

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Your printer software should have the option to clean the print head. Try that.

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that helps if the print head is still "treated as" ok.

usually only very little or parts of lines are not good.


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No luck in software or manual cleaning as stated.

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Usually you can’t fix the problem once the lines remain over more than 1-2 prints.

Problem is the print head of course.

The real question is WHEN does it happen and WHY.

In my case (Officejet Pro 8620) the lines started appearing immediately (!) after placing non-HP catridges to the printer when out of warranty. This is actually very unlogic from a technical point of view, as there still is original ink in the print head.

That’s why MANY SAY and so I do believe that the problem is “caused” programmatically.

So you would need to buy a new printer or at least print head.

PROBLEM. There is no real proof for what I claim or believe. Why?

HP can argue differently and we can’t look into the internal communication of the print head, main board, etc.

but I’m actually thinking of doing that, because it is possible with the right knowledge and someone should check against fraud.

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