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The Coolpix P530 is a 16.1 megapixel digital camera with an impressive 42x optical zoom. This model was released by Nikon in February of 2014. It also goes by the manufacturer specific model name Nikon 26464 .

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Camera Won't Turn on After Many Hours of Charging

Hey all,

I got this camera as a gift a few years ago, but never had much use for it, so I kept it stored safely in its case. I recently picked it up again, and have had it charging while plugged into my computer for about 12 hours now, but it still won't turn on. There's been no damage to it whatsoever. It does flash green and beep when plugged in, so one would assume it is charging...

Can anyone help?

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Hi Bev Cummings , had you tried taking the battery out from the device and use an external charger to charge the battery?

do you have a multimeter?

after some time of charge, use a multimeter to measure the battery, to ensure it is holding on the charge, which i suppose is around 3.7V


Unfortunately I don't have a charger that will fit the battery, or a multimeter. Should I just assume I need a new battery?


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Bev Cummings  since you have not used it in a few years, it is safe to assume that your battery has discharged below a threshold where it will charge again. Repalce the battery and then re-evaluate.

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Hi beV I have This problem to? Did you manage to resolve the problem?

thanks Kelly

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