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Die Xbox 360 ist die zweite Spielekonsole der Firma Microsoft und erschien in Europa am 2. Dezember 2005.

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Disk Drive Failure (help me understand if its the control board)

Hello all,

Brace yourselves this is going to be a little long so as to provide you with a maximum of information...

so after MANY years of not using my original xbox 360 (phat) i decided to fire it up and see how it fared....clearly not well....

The disk drive gives ZERO signs of life (tray wont open, and I cant hear it moving inside) on screen I get error 65 and one red flashing light of death. spent several hours researching and concluded the issue was, to no surprise, the disk drive.

now ill spare you unnecessary details and just jump on right ahead and say iv ordered the replacement part (and im 100% certain it is the correct one, a BENQ VAD6038) with the intent of doing a board swap...


im now starting to think that the issue with my original drive IS the board. let me explain why.... (I haven't yet swapped the two motherboards and id like to be certain the original one is functional before i go ahead and tear down the replacement.)

The reason why i think that the Disk Drive MB is a dead is because iv tried powering on the xbox, case-less , with the drive in there, also case-less, and it does not budge an inch. the laser doesn't adjust, the spinner where the CD/DVD resets doesn't move, the tray doesn't open, nada...

If i try the same experiment with the replacement drive, it on the other hand moves (tray opens, laser adjusts its position, spinner spins)

is it possible that if one component of the original disk drive does not work then the control board stops all activity or do you folks think it is indeed possible the disk drive control board went to a better place?

I have a multi-meter at hand but im a n00b in its use, if some one would be so kind as to guide me on how to perhaps use it to determine if the MB is still alive I would be VERY grateful (multi-meters are so cool!)

if as I fear the MB is indeed dead, that means that im left with only one option, to retrieve the associated KEY on the drive and try to flash it to the replacement. I would be able to do this using the so called JTAG hack correct? now I must admit iv only just started researching this method and its all still a little blurry but here the specs of my xbox (im fairly confident its exploitable)

MFR DATE: 2007.7.10 (this means if im not mistaken its either a xenon or zypher)

as mentioned, the disk drive is a BENQ this might help narrow down the version?

seeing as im unable to get to the home screen I cant tell you for certain what dashboard I have nor what OFW version (what i can tell you is that it has not been updated for at least 9 years, maybe more)

thank you in advance for your help

EDIT: to clarify as my terms might be incorrect (thx Tom) when i say "MB" im referring to the disk controller board not the actual xbox 360 system motherboard

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What MB are we talking about? System MB or the drive controller board?

Xbox 360 will boot with EVERY possible optional part missing, so you can power it on with the DVD drive disconnected and no communication happened, however if the drive is being powered up but the controller communication to the board is nonsense, it may throw an error.

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when I say MB im referring to the Disk Drive motherboard. the system MB i think is okay...


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