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How to get installation media

How to get installation media?

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if you mean windows you can download it for free aslong as you have the product key which should be on the bottom of you laptop https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software... . then you can download the drivers from https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/su...

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The product key is in the BIOS, so you don’t need to worry about that part. The media can be downloaded from Microsoft using the link @tech_ni provided. The BIOS integrated key is from the Windows 8 era, so at this point it's reliable enough unless you want the key for your machine specific notes, you don't need to extract it like you had to on older 8 era machines where it was unreliable or prone to being wiped out with a BIOS update. That said unless you can preserve it the OEM supplied software will also be lost.

The WiFi driver probably requires you to get it from Acer, along with Ethernet. In most cases, the other drivers are available from Microsoft or chipset vendor and tend to be more current. If you want to try the Microsoft drivers they should work but aren’t always the most optimized, so do not be surprised if you need to use the vendor's drivers. In some cases, you won't be able to use generic reference drivers with wireless cards as the certified versions often use a OEM specific VID code which is not in the reference version; this is common with Lenovo notably, but others like Dell aren't as restrictive in many cases.

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