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No water out dispenser tried everything

I moved my refer from one house to another .

I had to remove doors in order 5o get refer in and out

Now I don't have water at dispenser or ice maker.

I installed a new water intake valve,didn't work

Installed a new filter ,that didn't work either.

Unit is 4 years old

Kenmore elite

French doors on top

Freezer drawer on bottom

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1 Antwort

Tom: I could be grasping here but if this all worked before you removed the door then you probably have a loose connection or something not connected under the hinge where the wiring and water line comes into the fridge. The water valve is activated thru a micro switch levered with the dispenser paddle in the door. If no connection the valve would not get power. So we either do not have enough information on your troubleshooting so far or how did you come to the conclusion to just replace the water valve. I am going to ask though do you have water coming into the fridge for sure. It is a separate water valve for the ice maker by the way, dispensing water is one valve and filling the ice maker another. Also your exact model number is important in going any further. Post more of what you have done to troubleshoot and more help can be obtained.


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