Mac Pro Tower A1289 Boots to the Apple Loading screen then turns off

Mac Pro Tower A1289

It boots to the Apple Loading screen then turns off

Sometimes it goes a tiny bit, sometimes half way, but always turns off.

When I remove the hard drive bay, it boots to the question mark and doesn't turn off.

Booted hard drive externally and it booted once but never again.

Reset PRam, NVRam, and SMC

Removed all Ram sticks and tried different ones to see if that was the issue. Same issue.

Can boot into Single Sign On mode and did repair the disk once.

Can boot into the disk selection mode but still turns off when I choose the main drive or the recovery partition.

Will not boot into recovery mode

Tried a SSD and a regular HDD.

Will not go to hardware test connected to ether or not with option d or just d

Pics of lights included. Lights that light up on the backplane logic board are PSU PWR ON, 5V Standby, Sys PG, EFI Done, and GPU ok.

Can't decide if it's corrupt OS (No recovery or install disk to try to reinstall OS), GPU, PSU, or Backplane logicboard.

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

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