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Modell A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, oder 1.5 GHz G4-Prozessor

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Re Constituting a Mac Mini 2005 - 2006

Which are the best instillation disks for the  Apple Mac Mini  A1103 OS   10.93 and should my adaptor be +1 or +5 for this device.

Because the hard drive has been wiped I will have to reconstitute it myself,  any tips !

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Here’s your systems specs Mac mini G4


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The best OS this system will support would be 10.5.8 in Classic Mode as this a PowerPC 7447a (G4) based system.

Here’s the adapter you’ll need for a VGA display DVI to VGA Display Adapter

I wouldn’t spend to much effort on this system as it’s usage is so limited. I wouldn’t surf the web with it as it has very few safeguards and any personal info on it will be compermised!

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Dear Dan,

The 10.58 Classic Mode must be an Apple Upgrade only, from the previous OS issue and therefor might only be available in Support Apple, or on internet. is this correct, another thing is what is the approximate cost.

Further, the DVI to VGA Adaptor that you posted on screen is advertised as a 29 Pin Male, I think that this must mean that it is a 24 +5 pin, is that correct?

Regards, Savlen


Here's what you need. Install a basic 10.5 then do the updates to 10.5.8:



The 10.5.8 release was the last upgrade possible which was an available download from Apple (and some people still have it and offer it online).

The problem you face here is the limited availability of OS & Apps that will run under the older PowerPC CPU's as the code base is very different than what we have today.

Here's a bit more on what the differences are between the DVI connectors Understanding The DVI Connector And Video Cable. Do keep in mind the blade contact is not counted. The vertical direction version is not needed here. This is the adapter what you want to hook up a VGA display.


Thank you Dan,

That was very helpful, I have got an adaptor and the Mac Mini is operative, I have not purchased the disks yet, but I will soon.

P.S. Could you tell me what the serial number at the end of the OS name listing , it reads: MB427Z/A ?

Regards, Savlen


I'm not sure I follow you here. The MB427Z/A is the Apple SKU number of the Leopard Mac-OS CD/DVD package Apple Mac OS-X Leopard 10.5.1 retail package


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