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Bravia LCD TV KLV 46X200A goes to standby and flashes error code.

I received Sony Bravia KLV46X200A LCD TV in 2007 September as a gift from my relative & kept it without using with original packing in my home since my house was under going some major repair work & I had another TV . I kept Bravia LCD in the box until this year April , this April I took it out of the box for my use , When I connect the TV to power & antenna & when I switch on the TV power switch the green light comes on , stay few seconds , & then it goes to stan by mode & started to flash red stand by indicator 9 times , then 2 seconds delay then same cycle continue.

I want to know the meaning of 9 red flashes & the proper way to rectify the problem . I had already contacted our local sony dealer & they refused to attend to this problem saying that they did not market this TV model in Sri Lanka where I am living. This TV is still not used & new.

I already had TV service manual but it did not have any antagonistic procedures. If I can get KLV 46X200A training manual I can understand & see what is the problem.

My relative who gifted this TV to me purchased this TV from U.A.E. sony dealer M/S Jumbo Electronics , Abu Dhabi.

Please help me to bring the TV back to the operating condition.

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crkgamage, it does not help to ask the same question 3 different times. Have you looked at the manual and have you checked the description of the error codes listed in there


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Here is a quote from the service manual "Diagnostic Test Indicators

When an error occurs, the POWER LED will flash a set number of times to indicate the possible cause of the problem. If there is more than one error, the LED will identify the first of the problem areas. If the errors occur simultaneously, the one that corresponds to the fewest flashes is identified first. Results for all of the following diagnostic items are displayed on screen. No error has occurred if the screen displays a “0”."



1 Supply Voltage Trouble Panel 5V UNReg (10.5V)

2 DE5V Voltage Trouble FE5V (DCALERT2)

3 Voltage Trouble D3.3V/D2.5V/D1.8V. (DCALERT1)

4 Backlight Trouble

5 Main Supply Voltage Trouble (17.5V.DET)

6 Speaker Applied Voltage Trouble

7 Monitor an Increase in Inside-Temperature (esp. on the panel side)

8 Trident IC Trouble

Sorry I can not find any information on the 9times flashing.

I also do not understand what you mean by training manual. The only manuals that I know off, are the operators manual and the repair (service)manual. Both of them are posted on your other question at

I need SONY BRAVIA KLV 46X200A training manual

Good Luck and I do hope this will help you.

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could it be something to do with the power supply being different in the 2 countries? I know I need an adapter to use my uk appliance in different countries..


Once switch on Screen flashes few seconds & then screen ccfl lights switched off immediately & then red stand by light starts blinking 9 times.


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You need to replace the Lamp.Buy it online.It only costs about fifty bucks.

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seano53, what lamp? Can you please post a link for a replacement?


This LCD pannel has set of CCFL lights


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