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Vierte Generation des iPad 4s mit CDMA. Verfügbar in 16, 32, oder 64 GB Versionen. Modelllnummer A1460.

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Won't finish booting after replacing display

After replacing a broken display I get an apple when doing a force restart, but it does not finish booting. Unfortunately, I thought it was fixed when I saw the apple and went ahead and stuck the display to the device. Have I just wasted a day and a display?

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Try triple clicking the home button in case of any accessibility features have been turned on.

It is most likely a faulty digitiser or it could be damaged due to squishing the ribbon cable between the iPad metal housing and digitiser.

Sometimes not plugged in fully if lucky, worst case is the connector for the touch screen being physically damaged.

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By plugging it in I now can get to the passcode entry point, but the touch screen does not accept any touch inputs.

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