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Model A1199 / mit 2, 4, oder 8 GB Kapazität

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How do I replace the wheel assembly?

I bought a replacement battery for my Nano and in the process of taking it apart, I accidently pulled too hard on the earphone jack and broke it off. I am thinking of buying the wheel/jack assembly and replacing it but I can not figure out how to get the old wheel assembly out. Is it glued on to the case on the inside? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you...

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The click-wheel assembly is glued to the top of the casing and cannot be removed until the circuit board underneath and the LCD screen are taken out. Follow this Guide to figure out how to take it apart. Once the logic board assembly is removed, apply a downward force to the menu button and then to the rest of the buttons once the top part of the click-wheel is loosed and it should pop right out of the casing.

To put it back in just get a flat object that can fit inside the casing and apply pressure to the bottom of the click-wheel to get it to stay in. Check the inside to make sure everything looks flush before inserting the logic board assembly to ensure that a ribbon cable will not tear when trying to reassemble the device.

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