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Ein 3G Smartphone, auch bekannt als das Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, oder das Samsung I9008 Galaxy S auf dem chinesischen Markt. Es kam im Frühjahr 2010 heraus.

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Does the last letter in the part number matter?

I ordered a charging port replacement for a S5 and the part model on the board itself says SM-G900W and I got a SM-G900T. I installed the part and the charging port works now but the microphone doesn’t during calls (except on speakerphone, which uses the secondary microphone). I am not sure what the issue may be as the only difference between the parts seems to be the last letter.

Any repair shops out there able to explain if the last letter on the part number matters or how do you determine which part is the right one.

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yes it does and it doesn’t

you only need to use the shell from the SM-G900W to install the SM-G900T

that will correct the circuit

same situation when using an iPhone 6s ear piece unit for an iPhone 6 it will fit in but won’t work unless the bracket from 6 is use to install the 6s on the 6

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So the part will work. It fits and looks the same as the original one other then the lettering printed on it.



the difference are mostly changes in the shell design because of the difference in architecture build of the actual phone models


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