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The Logitech Performance MX Mouse is a premiere mouse from Logitech with darkfield tracking technology and a free-spinning scroll wheel. Released in 2009. Model number: 910-001105.

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I got this mouse from goodwill I dont have a receiver

So, I found this mouse in a goodwill for 4 bucks.I noticed that it doesent have a reciver but a micro usb in the mouse. I figured that its a charging port for the battery. i wonder, does the micro usb serve as a “alternate mouse connection to the pc to make it work?”


(also the mouse works when i put a battery on it.)

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The USB was designed to recharge the battery only.

But if you want to make it as an “alternate connection”, you will still need a receiver plugged into the PC. And you do not need the battery if you have it permanently on a USB cable.

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Dude Thank you! it really helped!


Thanks, it helped you.


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No it doesn't

It need the host Bluetooth conductor to function in any way

But luckily you can reprogramm it to work using any other receiver If you have any

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and another one

the mouse is using a unifying software

i did some reasearch and i found out that the logitech reciver is a unifying so it works in any logitech device ordered the receiver. waiting it for it to arrive.



that sound great


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