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Why does my laptop screen only work when I put pressure on it?

Hello guys so basically my laptop screen only works when i apply pressure to the bottom left corner of the screen or the top left corner if i don’t apply pressure to the screen it freezes and white lines appear all over the display sometimes i also get this issue where the screen is split in half and the bottom part of it is frozen and the top one works and sometimes when i tilt my laptop screen forward the screen flickers on and of how would i resolve this?

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From the sounds of it, either the display cable or the connector on the LCD is damaged. When you apply pressure to the left corner of the display, you are likely completing the circuit causing the display to work as intended. I would intially attempt to disassemble the screen casing and identify where the issue is: the cable or the connector on the LCD. A replacement cable should be cheap so hopefuly that is the cause of the issue. In the worst case scenarion, you will need to replace the display.

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So what would i need to buy?


You could try here (https://www.laptopscreen.com) for a new LCD. Just type in your model and it should pull up the comparable parts. I prefer matte finish over gloss. Less glare


If the LCD cable is damaged, you should be able to find one on e-bay by searching for the model number of your laptop.


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