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3rd party battery compatibility with ios11/12

Hi all, I bought a second hand iphone 7plus which has an old battery that cannot hold a charge for more than 3 or so hours. I took it to apple to get the battery replaced but they -obviously- gave an excuse to refuse saying that the device had been opened before and they they cannot work on it (paid or not). Of course tried to get me to buy a new or refurbished phone from them.

I’ve heard some 3rd party components can be detected by ios (like the battery) and my question is, would an ifixit battery pose a danger to ios locking itself or something weird like was the case some time ago with the home button replacements?

Since I’m out of luck with the apple route, whats my best option not to lose my investment on the phone?

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An iPhone 7plus is too young to need a new battery, so something else is going on if you have a rapid battery drain.

That doesn’t mean it’s unrepairable and of course there is nothing wrong with putting an iPhone 7plus battery in from iFixit to rule that out. You can also check out how many cycle counts and the remaining life the native battery has with third party software like 3utools.

If this phone were in front of me, I’d put my tristar tester on the device and I would check under the microscope for water damage.

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I don’t think iOS can detect an aftermarket battery. Certainly, I’d have no hesitation about getting one from iFixit.

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