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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und kam am 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt. Es hat die Modelnnummern A1549, A1586 und A1589.

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Phone will not turn on but are using power, waterdamage


My phone got waterdamaged so i dried it out and got a new battery from IFixit. Replaced the battery and it would not start.

so i took out the logic board and soaked it in Isopropanol for about 30-40 minutes while cleaning out all the ribbon cables etc, Note: No noticable corrosion. Checked the IFixit battery with a multimeter and got the reading.

3.83V dc, keep in mind my multimeter is cheap.

After drying out the logic board again i assembled the phone and tried to start it.

No response so i plugged the lightning cable into the computer to see if the phone would be reconized. No success.

so i left it for about 6 hours and took out the battery again to messure it again.

this time it was messured to 3.55V dc.

so having it plugged in drained the battery, so i plugged it to the wall, and the battery did get charge.. atleast was heating up after about an hour.

with no success i took the logic board out again to soak it another time in Isopropanol. same process as last time and with the same result.

Any suggestions to what i can do or what could be wong?

PS: did try the mute button to see if i could get a response from the phone. also tried Home+Sleep/awake button but nothing seems to have any effect on the phone at all.

so to me it seems like its not starting up and not the screen that is just not turning on.

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check the capacitor beside the wifi chip with the multimeter in beep mode put a probe on ground and touch both sides of the capacitor if both sides beep then you have a short on the board

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Hi, I can't find the capacitor beside the WiFI chip. i assume the wifi chip is nr: ZK 339S022* SS402904*

is it this one you mean? https://gyazo.com/88ff03c7696c3282f3c6c4...


After checking the one circled on the picture its beeping on both ends. Meaning a short?

What is my options now?


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FIrst of all, iso alcohol ONLY helps absorb moisture, it will not resolve issues resulting from corrosion, etc caused by chemicals/minerals in the liquid the phone was in. You most likely have a short from corrosion under/around a component. The first step after verifying the phone is not starting and not recognized by itunes is to clean the logic board in an ultrasonic cleaner using a mix of distilled water and solvent like “Branson EC”. The shields should be removed from the board to ensure the cleaner can properly reach all components with the solution. Once the cycle is done, you can use compressed air to remove excess moisture and then soak the board in alcohol to remove all traces of water/solution. Replace the shields and retest. If there are corroded or shorted components, you’ll never get the phone to function properly or pass any tests and will only get frustrated trying. I know its not the easiest step, but it will ensure you aren’t pointlessly replacing parts in an attempt to get it going

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The Liquid was pure water, so nothing too bad could have happend. also no traces of corrotion was found. Did not remove the shields to expose whats under for inspection.

Current status is as follows.

Removed the Capacitor as suggested from Daniel. and still not responding.

do you suggest i remove the shields in order to inspect for corrosion under?

PS: do i need that capasitor if i want the phone to function as normal again?


The only water that isnt going to affect anything is distilled water. Even "purified" or bottled water has minerals in it that will react with the metals inside the phone. To cover your bases, it should be run through an ultrasonic cleaner with the chems mentioned above with the shields removed. The capacitor wouldnt be necessary for the phone to boot, but likely needs to be in place for all functions to operate.


%#*!^@.. its small and disappeared-.-


I'm definitely not the most skilled tech out there, but the experience I do have tells me you'll be going around in circles without cleaning it first. EVERY time I cut corners hoping to save time, it came back to bite me.


I see, I can try to remove the shields and have a look. i do not have a Ultrasonic cleaner. so a toothbrush will have to do..

I dont belive my eyes.. i found the dam capacitor..


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circled blue. looks damaged at 1 side so that could be the short cap if both sides are short to ground

Block Image

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Hi again , Thanks for the response.

The one circled in blue does only beep on the top side seen in the picture.

It does not beep on the other side, but i'm able to get a reading of 150ish Ohms and not infinite. Keep in mind im using a cheap multimeter

could that cause a problem?


whats the reading in diode mode red probe on ground and black on the side that doesnt beep


In diode mode with red probe on ground and black on the side that does not beep gives the result of 150ish. Jumps in and out from Infinite to 150.


the cap is maybe bad, you can remove it just to see if the phone will turn on, the phone can function fine without it


I can try, i do not have any microsolder equipment. so might be hard but will give it a go


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