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The second generation named the Freelander 2 (codename L359) debuted at the 2006 British International Motor Show.

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My condensat drain is clogged, where is it? The cabin is flooded

It's summer I went in sardaigne

It was very hot, the air conditioning worked

The evacuation of the condensate must be stopped, because the water has infiltrated into the passenger compartment

Can someone tell me where the exit of the drain pipe is and how to get there?

Thank you very much

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There is usually a soft rubber hose that drops down below the vehicle under the firewall I do not advise pushing anything up through this tub as it goes right up to the evaporator and you could possibly damage it. The best route to fix your problem is the take the duct work apart under the dash thats around the evaporator and clean the drain from the inside . Hope this helps

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Remove right side center console panel exposing rubber hose where it connects to evaporator case. Apply compressed air to disconnected hose running into the floor. Do not apply air to evaporator case. This will clear out any debris in hose. If case is source of clog, use a evaporator cleaning agent on the nipple where the hose attaches. Not only will this clean the evaporator, but will make your car smell really nice for a few weeks.

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