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The Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder is an audio and video recording device.

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will not record or open on my pc

My Zoom Q3 HD says it has a formating error. I’ve tried a new 16 gig sd card and still get the same message. When turned on after a few seconds it says format error with a promt to format the sd card. I click yes and then it says format built in memory are you sure? After that it says format error. When plugged into my pc I click on browse files and it says removable disc but it’s in gray not black and will not open the files. When I turn on the Q3 and go to settings the format SD card choice is gray also and will not do anything. It will not let me update the driver either. It was last up dated in 2006.

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Hi @drummer304 ,

With the SD Card removed from the recorder, can you record to the internal memory at all, just to prove that the recorder can access the memory?

If it cannot do this then try reinstalling (updating?) the firmware to see if it may restore it to normal.

Hopefully the SD Card will be recognized when using this procedure

Here’s a link to the firmware

The User Manual download link for the recorder is on the same page as the firmware. Download the manual and scroll to p.20 to view the procedure how to update the firmware.

Ensure that the batteries are fully charged (if using rechargeable batteries) or that new non rechargeable batteries are in before trying to update the firmware

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