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iPhone 8 screen missing top clips that are on iPhone 7 screens?

I just fixed an 8 plus screen, and then it literally fell off of the phone, ripped the cables clean off. I noticed that the top clips that used to slide the iphone 7 screens into the body are missing, and have been replaced with little metal brackets that don’t clip into anything… Is it just the waterproofing adhesive strip that holds this screen in? Also, on the 8, they switched the bottom screw clips from metal to plastic, so it’s no wonder this screen just fell off after a day. I guess I have to put the waterproofing adhesive on, but is there anything else that’s holding these screens together? https://blog.rewatechnology.com/wp-conte...

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Joshua posted a picture circling the metal clips I'm talking about. On the iphone 7, there are plastic clips that actually slide into the top edge of the phone, which you can see in the link i posted above. I'm not sure how these metal clips are supposed to hold it together, because I don't see anything they clip into. Should I just use my own strong adhesive around the edges and hope for the best?


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You’ll never guess the answer: it was an iphone 7, not an 8. So if you put an iphone 8 screen on a 7, it will work, but then it’ll fall out!

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Hi There!

They changed the design between the 7 and the 8. The 8 series no longer has the plastic clips at the top - instead there are two metal “loops” similar to the sides of the display. These are designed to slip into grab points. If they are not slipping into the correct points on the housing, that would make the display likely to fall off. Check to see if the loops are bent over or not aligned properly. Oftentimes when we receive new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus displays these metal loops will be bent.

Please see attached the picture below. I have circled the “loops” in green.

Please be sure to reach out if you have further questions - there are a ton of people here willing to help!


Block Image

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I didn’t see any grab points, but the clips I believe were placed well. Is there some trick to the clips I’m not understanding? I slid it back just like I do with iphone 7s, which I’ve fixed a few dozen of with no issues. [br]


Anyone try fixing an ip8 screen without using adhesive? I’m suspecting that without the adhesive, the screen just pops off at the slightest bump.


@thetrueoriginal - The display should not fall out of the housing if the adhesive gasket is left out. It should still be clipped firmly enough to stay. Is it possible that the rear plate was left off? The reason that I ask is that the #000 Tri-Point screws that hold that plate on also help to clip the screen to the housing along the left and right side of the device.


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this means iphone 8 screen will work on iphone 7?

i dont intend to use it that way i just have one iphone 7 for testing screens and was wondering if i can test screen from 8 on it, will it work fully, both touch and picture or just the latter?

talking about regular iphone7/8, not plus

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